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May & June

Alive and Kicking


As I write this Sir Alex Ferguson is just out of intensive care, an answer to many prayers.  I hope and pray he has a speedy and complete recovery.  As you read this the hype for the FIFA World Cup will be reaching a peak.  It seems therefore appropriate to think about football!  But before the non-footballers switch off, the question has to be can football tell us anything about life?

Sir Alex’s situation has produced an outpouring of kind words, best wishes, and yes, prayers.  It is so rare to see red top papers celebrating prayer these days!!  Some of those comments came from bitter football rivals, it seems when faced with our own mortality we are inclined as human beings to unite.  Some things it seems are more important, more universal, they stand above even football rivalries.

It is those spiritual and eternal matters that we consider every week when we gather together as the church.  However hard we try we can’t deny they exist, let us think back 6 years or so to March 2012 and you’ll find another outpouring of concern among the footballing world when Fabrice Muamba suffered a heart attack during a game.

These moments keep cropping up and I’m sure you can think of more.  We can’t deny that there is something special about human life, something unique.  When life is threatened we realise just how important the spiritual things are.  The question is what are you going to do about these spiritual things?  To ignore them until it happens to you seems foolish; surely the wisest course would be to discover more about the one we pray too.  Why not come and join us on any Sunday and begin to explore the spiritual side of who you are?

You will receive a warm welcome, the worship will be passionate and afterwards the tea and coffee is hot!  We meet at 10:30am and again in the evening at 6:30pm.  Services last between 60 & 90 minutes and refreshments follow the morning service.

KoGs & BRiaN

Our youth works will continue to have a great deal of fun and study some serious subjects:
KoGs (Sch Yrs 1-6) - Target Challenge: The life of David
& BRiaN (Sch Yrs 7-11): - Studies in Revelation

The Meeting Place

Our monthly meeting for older folks is having a garden party and strawberry cream tea in Kirby-Le-Soken.  Transport will be arranged from the church on the first Tuesday in June (5).  Please give us a call to book a place.

For all meetings in May & June please check out the rest of the website: