Pastor's Message
Welcome to Trinity Free Church



You’ve heard of Pirate Radio right?  Well, have you ever heard of Pirate Church?

The Pirate Radio guys wanted to share their tunes with as many as they could and Hollywood pirates are usually searching for treasure and would normally do anything to get it!  Those of us who meet regularly at Trinity have found the greatest treasure and now would do (nearly) anything to share it with you.

At 5pm September the 9 Captains Yo-Ho and Heave-Ho will be joined by the church family at Trinity and our usual worship band to find and share that greatest treasure.  At the BBQ that follows there will be prizes for the best dressed pirate (boy/girl/man/woman) and a chance to chat with others who have found the greatest treasure.

So Pirate Church, don’t you want a share of the greatest treasure?  Come and find it with us Sunday 9 September at 5pm.

Each Sunday evening at 5pm after that there will another chance to hear what St. Matthew thinks about the Lord Jesus as we study his gospel together, you will be most welcome to come to these services too.

The Church family meet regularly on Sundays at 10:00a.m. to pray followed by our lively worship and relevant Bible Teaching at 10:30a.m.  There’s always a warm welcome, an all-age programme and refreshments follow.  On September 2, we have a believer who works in Afghanistan sharing about her work and a lunch will follow, bring and share.

If you would like to pray for you then please drop down to the Manningtree Market and speak to the Prayer on the Streets team (9:30am – 10:30am, 8 & 22) or call us.  After a break in August many events are starting back up again:
Meeting Place (a trip, Wednesday 5), Youth Work (Monday 10 all School Years catered for),  Home Groups (week beginning Sunday 9)