Our Leaders: Who's Who

image      Gaius Phillingham - Our Pastor


      Phone: 01206 393745 or 07732 115107

I had the privilege to grow up in a Christian home, my Mum and Dad faithfully taught me much about the Lord Jesus, and I grew for many years accepting that Jesus was the only way. However as I entered my teenage years I struggled to understand and practice my faith and began to drift away. At a New Years family event all this came to a head. Overnight my brother was gloriously saved, the family were overjoyed and I fell foul of the "green eyed monster"! I gave in to the temptation of jealousy and became very bitter towards him. Over the course of a number of months the Lord Jesus worked in my life to show me how wrong I was and indeed that I too was one of His children; I was baptized soon after.

I finished school and spent a happy year in an Anglican Residential Centre in Norfolk, and returned there after graduating from the University of Wales (MEng. Swansea) as one of the Wardens. During my four years there I married Tracey and since leaving we have been blessed with two children whom the Lord has also seen fit to save. 7 years as Youth Worker for Surrey Chapel in Norwich included attending the F.I.E.C.'s Prepared for Service course and learning to preach. In 2006 the staffing structure at Surrey Chapel was reviewed and changed and in 2007 God very clearly led me away from youth work and into full-time pastoral ministry.

To this day I cannot thank my Lord enough for this privilege of being able to give my whole life to sharing His Word with His people.


       Steve Todd - Church Elder

      Phone: 07523 954336

I was educated in Catholic schools and loved the Bible and God from an early age. Teenage years brought doubts and distractions and I stopped going to church and, even believing in God. My wife Ann and I met on Liverpool Street Station and soon fell deeply in love, getting married when we were 21. We have a son and a daughter both married and three grandchildren. Ann met with Jesus and immediately got to work on me. I eventually read a Christian book that she had been trying to get me to read for some time. I started to doubt my doubts and began to see that God might just be there after all. Then, after a couple of months and more reading and thinking, Jesus met with me at work. His call was unmistakable “follow me.” You cannot help but know your sinfulness in the presence of such holiness but the call was insistent, “follow me.” Saying yes to Jesus brought an incredible flood of cleansing, acceptance and love.

I was just a carpenter whose life was changed by the Carpenter from Nazareth. I am just an ordinary Christian following an extraordinary God. Life doesn’t always happen the way I would like it to but Jesus lives and the wonderful, faithful, love of God never fails.

In previous churches I have been involved in various areas of church life including Sunday School, youth work, worship, leading services and preaching.

After moving to East Bergholt from Chelmsford we found a welcoming Christian family at Trinity Free Church. We have been blessed by being part of the worship team and the ‘Prayer on the Streets’ initiative. It is also an honour to serve as an elder on the leadership team, in fellowship with all who faithfully serve God at Trinity.


       Ruth Cross - Female Pastoral Worker

       Phone: 0791 8050830

       KoGs, GroupWithNoName & Holiday Club


Despite going to Sunday school and youth group at my local Methodist church, I didn’t have any interest in knowing God for myself at that time. But thankfully, He didn’t give up on me. After getting married, working for several years as a secondary school science teacher, having my two wonderful sons and moving to Mistley while they were both still at pre-school, God knocked on my door again.  This time He used Mormon missionaries to get me reading the Bible, and this time as I read all about Jesus, I realised how amazing everything He did and said was, especially the fact that He still loved me and had chosen to die for me, despite the fact I had turned my back on him all those years earlier. I committed my life to Jesus on Mother’s Day in 1998, and then was put in touch with Trinity Free Church, where I was baptised later that year.

Having not given up on me in the first place, as I look back, I can clearly see God directing my life and work since then, as He has given me the privilege of being involved in Christian youth and children’s work for many years now, both within the church and also in schools and elsewhere working for several years for Peninsular Youth Ministries, and most recently taking on the role of Schoolswork Corodinator for Walk Through the Bible Ministries, looking after their national presenter team.

His latest call on my life has been to the role of pastoral worker for the church – a role in which I know God is continuing to walk beside me as my guide and helper. 

Our Ministry Leaders


Fiona: Mission Coordinator

My role as Mission coordinator is to keep the church informed about our partners in the gospel and to encourage prayer for them. We have links with people world wide, including individuals in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Central Asia and Asia and as well as ministries in London and Colchester.

Having spent 5 months in a mission hospital in Pakistan in the early 1990s, I am aware of some of the many challenges our partners abroad face; it is a therefore a privilege to share in this ministry.

Focused prayer meetings for our friends occur every 6 weeks.


Ruth: Youth Worker

As youth worker for Trinity Free Church, I have the great privilege of co-ordinating the amazing youth and children's teams who run the midweek clubs for children and teens, our summer Holiday Bible Club, and other events for young people within the church and the local community.

The aim of our work with young people is to enable them to hear and learn about our amazing God and His word, encouraging them to grow in their faith, step by step, from wherever they are, to a closer relationship with God and as disciples of Jesus, to a mature and solid faith, by providing opportunities for fun, fellowship, Bible study and worship. 

Our Deacons


Church Treasurer 


Sally Rice - Church Secretary


Keith Southgate - Deacon


Arend Van Zanten - Building Superintendent